having kids without the messy part

last week, I adopted a sponsor child in Africa. I don't know where yet, or who, or what their situation is - I'm anxously awaiting my information package. I held off on this for a long time. I've always thought it would be great to sponsor a child and make at least a small difference in the world, but the only organizations I knew of were religious ones, and I absolutely positively WON'T attach my aid to a religion of any sort. you can be good without being a christian and you can be bad without being an atheist.

so here I am, waiting. I'm actually a little nervous - this is a committment almost as big as having a child of your own. I mean, they say that if your "situation" changes, you can stop your sponsorship, but how would a needy child whose parents have died of aids, who has nothing take that? I have signed myself up for possibly 18 years of financial and emotional committment, but even though I'm a little nervous, I feel good. I can do this. I will do this. I'm gonna be the best damn sponsor parent a kid can have...