time to start a photo blog

i think it's finally time to start doing the thing i always intended to do when I started this blog.. post pictures! i think that too many times, we walk around without noticing our surroundings. we wander through life with our noses in newspapers, blackberries, or on our feet. so many times i sit on the bus and admire the fabulous view from the bridge, and wonder how nobody around me seems to care! we'll spend thousands of dollars on a holiday to asia, or europe, or mexico and take a bazillion pictures of the pretty scenery, but when we come home, we totally ignore the pretty scenery around us. so here it is, the daily photo of something nice. i still haven't bought myself a digital camera, but i think i took enough photos at work this summer to keep this place busy for a while until i get one of my own.

here's a picture of what i do. if you can't admire this scenery, then you're dead inside.

p.s. sent a little gift to abdulnur last week - hope he gets it. they have prohibitive rules about the size of gifts - 150 g - what was i going to do? send him pencil crayons, but no colouring book? colouring book, but nothing to colour it with? so i just sent it all. it's christmas - maybe they'll understand.