aahh, field season...

here's how my day went:

04:45 - rise & shine in Edmonton after less than 6 hours in the hotel & 5 hours sleep. Breakfast is not served.

05:15 - hotel check out & shuttle to airport.

05:30 - check in for charter flight to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. wait with no information for 2 hours. find out that weather is poor in Hope Bay.

07:30 - charter company decides to fly to Yellowknife. breakfast of casserole, sausage, chocolate cake (?!), yogurt, coffee, coffee, coffee

09:30 - arrive in Yellowknife. Sit on the plane for 35 minutes waiting for loading & fuelling during this "short layover"

10:05 - flight attendant declares that weather is still poor in Cambridge Bay & we should deplane. sit around charter terminal lobby.

11:00 - Logistics dude says that we'll fly to Cambridge Bay & then try to get in to Hope Bay. If weather doesn't improve, some people will stay overnight in Cambridge Bay & others will return to Yellowknife. Reboard plane & fly to Cambridge Bay. Bits & bites & more coffee on plane.

12:00 - Arrive in Cambridge Bay & deplane. Sit around airport terminal with no information.

14:00 - check-in people call my name & five others to come to desk. "retrieve your luggage, you're going back to Yellowknife". I pull my luggage off the truck.

15:00 - me and 10 other workers are loaded back on the jet & returned to Yellowknife. More bits & bites, more coffee.

16:00 - arrive in Yellowknife. Stand around in rain waiting for luggage & hotel shuttle.

16:30 - arrive at hotel & check-in. Informed to be back in the lobby by 06:00 tomorrow for flight back to Cambridge Bay.

17:30 - dinner at the wildcat. It's changed hands & the food isn't quite as posh anymore. I get the Musk-a-bou Stew (muskox & caribou). It arrives with delicious bannock, about 4 large potatoes-worth of thick-cut fries, and some random steamed veggies. OK, but not like I remember.

19:00 - back to the hotel. Feels like I should be sleeping.

good night all!