no really, i'm not gay...

what's with the muff-divers? this seems to be the newest trend among my friends since my last birthday - get the girl a muff-diver!! please... tasty as they are, a bj would be so much more appropriate...


watch what you wish for

field season might start sooner than you think..


cabin fever

at this time of year, i start to get antsy for the field season. i hate being in the office, i hate staring at a computer all day, i hate riding the bus in the morning, and i hate dressing up and pulling at my clothes for the rest of the day. i hate coming home late and having to make myself dinner. the field just looks sooooo attractive. so to keep myself sane, i remind myself of my worst days out there. days in the field fall into two extremes: good days are very, very good. bad days are downright horrendous.

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