new to this

i never thought i'd ever create a blog. i'm not entirely sure why total strangers would want to read about my life. but my inner voyeur has recently discovered that some total strangers have interesting things to say... and more than that, some people have interesting photos.

i like looking at other people's photos. i like showing my photos to other people. i hate it when people ask to see your photos, then flip through them quickly, only half-listening to the story you're trying to relate about what inspired you, or what was so funny about that moment... so if you're one of those people, might as well shove off now. because i intend to use this site as a bit of a photo blog.

i realized last year that i rarely take pictures. when i do, it's because i've travelled somewhere new, and i want to remember every moment of my trip. but why is it that i never take pictures at home? i'm pretty sure i'd like to remember something about my 20's. and i'm quite sure that the scenery around my current home (vancouver) is just as spectacular as that rainy day in the scottish highlands... so i'm making the decision to remember my days here through photos. this could be rather difficult as I don't yet have a digital camera, but bear with me - i'll have a job in a couple of weeks. maybe i'll tell you the background behind the picture, maybe i won't.

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