welcome abdulnur

I found out (well, several months ago actually) that my new sponsor child in Africa is a little boy named Abdulnur. he's 4. how I wish to know more about him! I went on a wild letter writing binge - first 4 pages on who I am, what I do, where I live, etc.. plus postcards, pictures, drawings, etc.. then a few months later another 4 pages on what I've been doing lately (poor kid - I wonder if the Plan people really translate the whole thing for him). last week, I finally got my first letter from his family - a short 10 sentences from his mother thanking me for taking on her son, welcoming me to their family, and telling me that Abdulnur has just joined nursery school. despite the brevity of the letter, his mother was so sincere that i got all warm and gooshy inside. THIS is a good thing (take that Martha!).

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