aahh, field season...

here's how my day went:

04:45 - rise & shine in Edmonton after less than 6 hours in the hotel & 5 hours sleep. Breakfast is not served.

05:15 - hotel check out & shuttle to airport.

05:30 - check in for charter flight to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. wait with no information for 2 hours. find out that weather is poor in Hope Bay.

07:30 - charter company decides to fly to Yellowknife. breakfast of casserole, sausage, chocolate cake (?!), yogurt, coffee, coffee, coffee

09:30 - arrive in Yellowknife. Sit on the plane for 35 minutes waiting for loading & fuelling during this "short layover"

10:05 - flight attendant declares that weather is still poor in Cambridge Bay & we should deplane. sit around charter terminal lobby.

11:00 - Logistics dude says that we'll fly to Cambridge Bay & then try to get in to Hope Bay. If weather doesn't improve, some people will stay overnight in Cambridge Bay & others will return to Yellowknife. Reboard plane & fly to Cambridge Bay. Bits & bites & more coffee on plane.

12:00 - Arrive in Cambridge Bay & deplane. Sit around airport terminal with no information.

14:00 - check-in people call my name & five others to come to desk. "retrieve your luggage, you're going back to Yellowknife". I pull my luggage off the truck.

15:00 - me and 10 other workers are loaded back on the jet & returned to Yellowknife. More bits & bites, more coffee.

16:00 - arrive in Yellowknife. Stand around in rain waiting for luggage & hotel shuttle.

16:30 - arrive at hotel & check-in. Informed to be back in the lobby by 06:00 tomorrow for flight back to Cambridge Bay.

17:30 - dinner at the wildcat. It's changed hands & the food isn't quite as posh anymore. I get the Musk-a-bou Stew (muskox & caribou). It arrives with delicious bannock, about 4 large potatoes-worth of thick-cut fries, and some random steamed veggies. OK, but not like I remember.

19:00 - back to the hotel. Feels like I should be sleeping.

good night all!


narly said...

"...sausage, chocolate cake..."

George's favourite foods, right there. He would have assisted you with breakfast...

kirsten said...

that's it! you'll have to send him over. George would do wonderfully at mining camps. We'll have him grown into a big ol' tiger shark in no time.