there are not enough negative adjectives in the world to describe how I felt watching the riots that erupted in Vancouver after Game 7 on Wednesday night. disgusted, angry, sad, disheartened, heartbroken, livid, ashamed, all-of-the-above....

I watched the game from the top of a mountain in an exploration camp. truthfully, I felt that the anticipation of the game was more painful than actually watching it. in the lead up to the game, I was terrified of what would happen if they lost. I couldn't bear to think that after all this time and hard work, we'd be left saying (yet again), "oh well, there's always next year". but when the game started, I just felt calm. and at the end of the second, when it seemed apparent that the canucks would lose, I went outside on the deck, sat in the blazing sunshine and pet the camp dog and came to terms with the impending loss. in reality, it was a glorious night in camp and hockey was just a game. the canucks would play again, we'd all cheer for their wins and aggravate over their losses. life would go on.

so when I finally went back inside and saw what erupted in downtown vancouver, I felt totally sick to my stomach. these were not fans. these were not people that I could possibly know or understand. these were hooligans. these were crazy people. I still can't understand what could possibly come over people to make them torch police cars, assault people trying to protect private property, break windows. I don't understand how these people look in the mirror. I don't understand how they could reach the age of majority and think that this is ok. I just don't understand.

so on behalf of the saner majority, the people of vancouver who I know are mostly decent, the canucks fans who rose up on the internet on facebook and blogs to denounce the violence and identify the thugs, I apologize. I apologize to the world. this is not who we are. this should never be who we are. and if you ever have a chance to come to bc, I'd like to personally guide you to show you that we're better than that. I'll show you all the wonderful things about the city, about the province, and about the country.

if you know anyone who participated in the riot, even if it was just to take a revelrous photo in front of a blazing car, please identify them. you can view photos of the troublemakers on several websites and news outlets, and the Vancouver Police are ready to take whatever information you have. contact them.

the vancouver we all love....

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Kim Hosey said...

I'm from Arizona, so you know I know that assorted idiotic riffraff definitely does not define a community. It's a shame when a few morons stain the reputation of the rest. Vancouver seems like a spectacular place. Gorgeous, too, if that shot is any indication. Very nice.